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Kootenai and Tundra 5/9/2004 Today we went to the zoo. The first animals we saw were my friends, Kootenai and Tundra, two grizzly bears. Click Here to see how they play.
Baby Hippo 5/9/2004 Next, we wandered over to the hippos, where I saw the baby hippo resting with its parents.
Zebras 5/9/2004 We also saw the Zebras on the way to the dipping dot place.
Eating Dipping Dots 5/9/2004 Dipping dots are my favorite treat at the zoo, in case you could not tell.
Daddy 5/9/2004 Daddy was happy just to hang out for a while.
Flower Child 5/9/2004 These orange flowers were in bloom, so Daddy thought it would be a good idea that I pose among them.
Caribou 5/9/2004 Then it's off to see the caribou baby and its mommy.
Rabbit 5/9/2004 The zoo is also home to some "wild" animals that wander in and make it their home, like this rabbit happily eating away by the path.
On the Train with Mommy 5/9/2004 A day at the zoo would not be complete with out a train ride...
Riding the Carousel 5/9/2004 And a carousel ride.
Stair Stuffies 5/11/2004 Today I was being silly and decided to line up my stuffies on the stairs for fun. Click here for a close up of the stuffies.
Playing with Grandma I 5/11/2004 Grandma Meredith also came and here we are horsing around...
Horsing around with Grandma 5/11/2004 Really horsing around.
Playing with Grandma II 5/11/2004 Even baby horses need water now and then.
Playing with Grandma III 5/11/2004 Sharing a look with Grandma.
Painting Masks 5/15/2004 Today we went to Kid Fest, where there is all sorts of fun stuff for kids. I got started with this fun mask, though I had more fun putting glitter glue on my hands than the mask.
Painting Fingernails 5/15/2004 I could even got my finger nails done...
Polka Dotted Fingers 5/15/2004 Aren't they fun!
Obstacle Course 5/15/2004 There was also an obstacle course...
Jumping House 5/15/2004 And jumping houses.
Making Flowers 5/15/2004 and finally, I made a flower with Daddy.

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