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Katherine and Rosie 5/1/2004 Today, we went to the Butterfly Pavilion. One of my friends there is Rosie the Tarantula, whom I'm holding.
Jeff and Rosie 5/1/2004 Daddy got to hold Rosie too.
Sea Star 5/1/2004 The Butterfly Pavilion also has a touch tank for tide pool critters, like this sea star I'm getting to know.
Butterfly 5/1/2004 Of course, the Butterfly Pavilion is not anything without butterflies, like this Magnificent Owl butterfly. Click here for more butterflies.
Turtle 5/1/2004 In the Pavilion, there were turtles like this one.
Insect Robot 5/1/2004 The Butterfly Pavilion has a new exhibit called "Shrunk" where one can explore larger than life insects. Here, Daddy and I are working an insect robot.
Insect Hammer 5/1/2004 Here is one that demonstrates how strong an insect can be.
Bounce 5/1/2004 After the Butterfly Pavilion, Daddy and I went to Boulder Creek Festival. We didn't have too much time as the weather was rainy, but I did get to bounce in a bounce house.

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