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Slide 6/7/2004 Today we went up to the cabin. On the way there, we picnicked at a little park that had fun playground equipment. Click here to see what happens next.
Squirrel on Stump 6/7/2004 When we got to the cabin, there were plenty of squirrels that liked getting fed.
Eating off a Shoe 6/7/2004 The squirrels were pretty tame and they would even eat off of Grandpa Norm's boot.
Playing Dominoes 6/7/2004 Inside the cabin at night, there were many games to play, including dominoes.
Loft 6/8/2004 This is the loft where Mommy, Daddy, and I sleep.
Katherine and Pine Cones 6/8/2004 Today there was lots to explore around the cabin. I particularly liked the little pine cones that were in abundance here.
Smelling Jeffrey Pines 6/8/2004 After breakfast, we went over to Big Bear Lake for a hike. Here, Daddy and I are checking out the vanilla smell of a Jeffrey Pine. Click here for another shot of me smelling the pines.
Big Bear Lake 6/8/2004 This is a view of Big Bear Lake from the trail.
Walking with Daddy 6/8/2004 I like hiking, especially if someone else does it for me!
Sugar Loaf Mountain 6/8/2004 From the trail we could see Sugar Loaf Mountain from across the lake.
Walking with Grandpa 6/8/2004 I even like walking with Grandpa Norm. In the background is Mount San Gorgonio.
Posing with Daddy 6/8/2004 We found quite a lot of wild flowers, like these "poof" flowers I am trying to stuff into Daddy's face. He is being so tolerant!
Irises 6/8/2004 Here are some irises we found....
Yellow Flowers 6/8/2004 Little yellow flowers....
Indian Paint Brush 6/8/2004 Indian paint brush....
Prickly Pear Cactus 6/8/2004 And some prickly pear cactus.
Jeff on Top of a Rock 6/8/2004 Daddy cannot resist climbing rocks, like this one.
Picture at the Falls 6/9/2004 Today we drove back to Grandma Luene and Grandpa Norm's house. On the way back, we stopped off at a little park that had a small trail to a falls. I was reluctant to get my picture taken, but Mommy and Daddy got me anyway. Click here for a close up of the falls.
Jeff, Katherine, and the Beetle 6/9/2004 On the way back, Daddy found a fun beetle. Click here for a close up.

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