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Picking Apricots 6/5/2004 Yesterday, we flew to San Diego for Great Grandma Mabel's Memorial service. I'm going to miss her terribly. I love all the fruit trees that Grandma Luene and Grandpa Norm have on their property, and I love picking apricots.
Kathy, Carolyn and Norm 6/5/2004 After the service, everyone gathered at Grandma Luene's and Grandpa Norm's house. Here are Kathy and Carolyn talking to Grandpa Norm. Kathy is Grandpa Norm's first cousin and Carolyn is her daughter.
Posing for Renee 6/5/2004 Aunt Renee wanted to take my picture so I am posing for her.
Crazy Renee 6/5/2004 And here is Aunt Renee taking my picture. Click here to see what she took.
Bob and Diane 6/5/2004 Here is a picture of Bob and Diane. Diane is a cousin of Grandpa Norm's.
Corwins at the Table 6/5/2004 At this table are Jackie, Phil, Charles (cousin of Grandpa Norm's), and Casey.
Church and Elise 6/5/2004 Here is a picture of Chuck and Elise, who is another cousin of Grandpa Norm.
Renee and Cindy 6/5/2004 Here is a nice picture of Aunt Renee and Mommy.
Riding Jeff 6/5/2004 Aunt Renee made Mommy and Daddy pose like this. Aren't they funny?
Katherine and Casey 6/6/2004 Today, we celebrated Grandpa Norm's brother Harold's 70th birthday. Again, we had it at Grandma Luene's and Grandpa Norm's house.
Renee and Victoria 6/6/2004 This is Aunt Renee talking to Victoria.
Gerry and Phil 6/6/2004 Here are Gerry and Phil.
Harold Turning 70 6/6/2004 Finally, the birthday boy, Great Uncle Harold, blowing out the birthday candles.

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