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Walking with Grandma and Grampa 4/25/2004 Today at church camp, Grandma Luene, Grandpa Norm, Mommy, and I went for a walk around the grounds.
Katherine with Flowers 4/25/2004 Here are some flowers I've collected, and my friend collected sticks.
Snuggling Aunt Renee 4/25/2004 On the way back from church camp, we stopped off at Aunt Renee and Uncle Steve's house. Here I'm sharing a moment with Aunt Renee.
Upside-Down Katherine 4/25/2004 Of course, Aunt Renee was so happy to see me that we got silly. Here I am upside down!
Wheelbarrow Katherine 4/25/2004 Now I'm a wheelbarrow!
Airplane Katherine 4/25/2004 And an airplane!
Katherine & Steve the Moose 4/25/2004 And of course Uncle Steve was so happy to see me that he sprouted antlers and pretended to be a moose.
Katherine and Steve 4/25/2004 Here we are just hanging out.
Watering Plants I 4/26/2004 Today started out by watering Grandma Luene's plants in her shade room, which was just rebuilt.
Watering Plants II 4/26/2004 I prefer the more direct approach to watering, as demostrated here.
Artichokes 4/26/2004 I also checked out Grandma Luene's artichoke plant. Click here to see what I found on it.
At the Beach w/Grandma 4/26/2004 This afternoon, we went to the beach. Here, Grandma Luene and I take a stroll down to the water's edge.
Cup of Sand 4/26/2004 The thing I like most about the beach is playing in the sand.
Dancing for Great Grandma 4/27/2004 Before leaving to go back home, we stopped to visit with Great-Grandma Mabel. Here, I found a bell that she is ringing so I can dance for her.
Checking out the Bell 4/27/2004 Of course, I have to inspect the bell becuse it is so cool.
Saying Good Bye 4/27/2004 Time to say goodbye.

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