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Pony Tails 4/18/2004 I was just being silly today and made Daddy put all these hair ties in my hair for ponytails.
Fields of Flowers 4/21/2004 Today, Mommy and I traveled to San Diego for church camp. Grandma Luene met us at the airport and took us to a place called The Flower Fields. They planted mostly ranunculus.
Katherine and Luene 4/21/2004 Here I am with Grandma Luene looking over their art display.
Katherine and Luene Corn 4/21/2004 They had fun things to do like this corn board. Click here for a close up of me!
Stamps 4/21/2004 And there was a stamp book and stamp stations that a wagon took you to for stamping the book.
Look at Me 4/22/2004 This morning, we went over to vist Great Grandma Mabel. Look what I have!
Hugging Great Grandma 4/22/2004 Great Grandma Mabel is a great hugger.
Playin in the Sandbox 4/22/2004 In the afternoon, I played in the sandbox that Grandma Luena and Grampa Norm set up for me. Those are California poppies in the background, quite appropriate I think.
Elephant Show 4/23/2004 Today, we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Here, we are enjoying the elephant demonstration.
Resting with Grandma 4/23/2004 Mommy took this shot of Grandma Luene and me taking a small break from the park.
Looking over East Africa 4/23/2004 Here I am looking over the East Africa enclosure.
Grandma and Grampa 4/23/2004 Here are Grandma Luene and Grampa Norm taking a rest break.
At Camp 4/24/2004 Today, we went to church camp, and I immediately became friends with Nicole.
Katherine and Nicole 4/24/2004 We were inseperable.
At Dinner 4/24/2004 Here we are at dinner.
Craft Time 4/24/2004 After dinner, we did some crafts.
Eating S'mores 4/24/2004 What better way to end the evening than to have s'mores!

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