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Easter Basket 4/11/2004 Today is Easter! The first thing I get to do is to "open" my Easter basket. Click here to see a close-up.
Easter Egg Bread 4/11/2004 For Easter breakfast, I helped Grandma Luene make Easter egg bread. It tasted as good as it looks!
Eating Peeps 4/11/2004 Of course, nothing is better on Easter than to eat peeps.
Hunting For Easter Eggs #1 4/11/2004 After breakfast was Easter egg hunt. Here I found one....
Hunting For Easter Eggs #2 4/11/2004 ...And another.
A Moment with Daddy 4/11/2004 After the egg hunt, nothing is better than to share a moment with Daddy.
Swinging 4/11/2004 In the afternoon, we went off to a park to play. Grandma's good at pushing. Click here to see what happened next.
Picking Dandilions 4/11/2004 On the way back to the car, I picked dandelions, one of my favorite activities.
Looking at Tree Blossoms 4/11/2004 And I examined the flowers on this tree.
Katherine and Luene 4/11/2004 Here, Grandma Luene and I stop and rest next to the flowers Boulder has planted on their walking mall.

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