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Morning Snow 4/10/2004 Last night it snowed and this is what Daddy woke up to. He had to take a picture because it was so beautiful.
Easter Egg Dye 4/10/2004 Today, we are going to color Easter Eggs. First you need to prepare some dyes....
Eggs 4/10/2004 And some eggs...
Dipping Eggs 4/10/2004 Then you dip them. Click here to see a closeup of how I dip them.
Stamping Eggs 4/10/2004 Or you can stamp them with paint, as Grandma Luene and I are doing. Click here for a closeup.
Blow Dry Eggs 4/10/2004 Or you blow dry shrink-wrap decorations on them like Daddy.
Eggs on Display #1 4/10/2004 Here are some of the eggs we made.
Eggs on Display #2 4/10/2004 Here are the rest.
Making Colored Snow 4/10/2004 Now, what to do with the leftover dye? How about colored "snow cones"?
Snow cones 4/10/2004 See how pretty they are lined up, waiting to be made into a colored snow castle?
Snow Castle 4/10/2004 Here, Daddy is making a snow castle out of the colored "snow cones".
Katherine's Castle 4/10/2004 Here I am posing next to my colored snow castle.
Making an Igloo 4/10/2004 Later on, Daddy made an igloo with my friend Ollie across the street. Here they are constructing it.
Jeff and Ollie's Igloo 4/10/2004 They're all done with their creation.
Igloo 4/10/2004 Here's another shot of the finished igloo.

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